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Hints for Making a Simple Costume

You've been taking belly dance lessons for a while now and your teacher thinks it's time for you to take the plunge and... dance in front of people! Fortunately, I don't have a costume and have an excuse not to perform you think. Well, you'd better hope your teacher doesn't see this article, because she'll have you dancing in no time. If you're one of those dancers who can't wait to perform, then read on, this article is for you. Here are some hints on how to make an eye-catching, yet simple and affordable costume in no time.

1. Choose a colour that suits you. If you've been told you look terrific in green or that red is your colour, then go with it. One of my clients owns a blue dress that she just loves and always receives compliments on, so she decided to make her first costume that colour. What a great idea! She recognized something that not only works for her, but also makes her feel good. We all know that when you feel good, you feel confident and that's the attitude you want when performing.

2. Simple patterns that are balanced and not too complex are your best bet. For example, for your belt you can have one big centre design on the front with smaller designs on either side. You can use the same design on the back or use several of the smaller designs in a pattern. Try to use the same or similar shaped designs on the bra. This creates a connection between your belt and bra and avoids any distractions that may pull the audience's eye away from you and your wonderful dancing.

3. If using fringe, make sure the length is not too long on your bra. If the fringe is too long it can appear to be weighing you down and drooping breasts do not look good! It's also a good idea to use the same fringe on your bra and belt., although the lengths can vary. Long fringe does look good on belts!

4. You don't need a lot of heavy beading for a terrific costume. Sequins are cheap, shine and look fabulous. You can either sew them on individually or buy sequined material to cover your bra and belt. Add some fancy appliques or jewels here and there and voila... you're ready to dance the night away!

5. If making a two piece costume, patterned material or material with some bling on it is a great option. Any adornment you add to the bra, should be added near the top of the skirt to accent the hips in lieu of a belt. Or just add a hip scarf!

Don't worry about whether your costume is fancy or has enough beading on it. Costumes, in my opinion, are just accessories and highly over-rated. It's your attitude and whether you are having fun or not that really matters. Remember, the audience is there to see you dance, not your costume... so get out there and knock 'em dead!


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